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October 19, 2014 3:18 am 1:02 am


this is what I’ve been doing for the past like idk hour? featuring my fursona’s compulsive need to groom his friends

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Anonymous: Everytime i visit your blog i smile stupidly at all the kidlaw love \^^/

omggggg ♥ that’s so sweet thatnk you very much!!!

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Anonymous: *hugs n kissies*

*hugs n kissies* u too!!!!!

12:13 am October 14, 2014 12:42 pm


trafalgarlaw-eustasskid: Your KidLaw arts are so pretty that they make me go shjdgfkjsdhgf every single time <3 Thank you so much :*

waaahhh  i’m so flattered, such wonderful compliments make me go shjdgfkjshgf every time!!!! thank u darling ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

12:27 pm
Oh my goooood those are all great but villain!Law takes the cake. Such a great design!

really!!! i love law's designs they have so many good headcanons and AUs you should check them out!!!

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Anonymous: do you collect one piece stuff? like books, or toys, or stuffed dolls?

I’M GONNA OWN EVERY VOLUME ONE DAY (i have 5-7, 60, 70-72 rn)

i have some miscellaneous things i’ve gotten from cons & gifts (i have a kid figure & a law figure & kid&law phone charms & a hollow plush & a chopper bag & a sanji shirt & law’s hoodie)

i want 2 own all the one piece stuff, but i am a poor poor child

11:42 pm


So … 

here is my second Follow Forever since Naruto is coming to an end and I didn’t want to miss the chance to thank all the awesome blogs before they leave tumblr/change the fandom. A few days ago I even reached 2.5k followers which is something I never thought that would ever happen when I started this blog in April ‘13. Thank you so much for making tumblr an awesome experience for me, I had so much fun here und got to know so many different people. 

I never got any hate in all this time, talked to some really inspiring people, some kind people even drew something for me or posted an edit (thank you again! tbh I have a folder on my desktop with everything so I’ll never lose them) and I was able to meet some old and almost forgotten friends from the hashimada fandom. So the bolded urls are my favourite blogs and/or good friends.

Please have a great day and let’s enjoy the last few chapters of the Naruto manga! :)

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I - M

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Congratulations on 2.5k followers!!!!!

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Anonymous: Get well soon ♥

thank u bb

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pikachubird: I read in one of your tags that you're sick? I hope you get well soon, sweetie! *hugs*

ahhh thank you so much darling ♥ it’s just a cold, but i keep getting horrible sinus headaches i hope that stops soon; thank you so very much you’re so sweet