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April 15, 2014 11:34 pm
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  • Viva Namida
  • By: Yasuyuki Okamura
  • Space Dandy
  • 21,501 Plays


Title: Space ☆ Dandy OP Single - Viva Namida [Space Dandy Edition] 

Artist: Yasuyuki Okamura 

Release Date: 29/01/2014 

Type: Single Opening

(via beastmegs)

9:40 pm


xxyuniexx: WELP, guess there's no other choice but to follow you here since you do not have a deviantart, which I understand (curse people and their art theft *shakes fist*). I usually use DA for organizing my favorites (and i just liked a lot of your art so sorry for spam!) You have gained another follower! =]

ahaaha omg thanks, sorry for the inconvinence, darling

i really appreciate all the likes!! thank you so much and thank you for the follow!!!♥

2:08 pm


Anonymous: how do you decide on or make simple backgrounds on SAI? (using textures/patterns..?)

uuhh for me backgrounds come down to the amount of effort i want 2 put into something (that’s why all of my drawings have basic bgs)

Start with your background color!!! the texture won’t show up unless there’s something for it to show up against, dark colors show the biggest impact with textures but light colors can be used too

in Paint tool SAI there’s the basic texture drop down box you can use, my version has canvas, paper, watercolor A, and watercolor B. you can toggle the settings below to your liking


i use the watercolor B on occasion but most of this are uuuugly

then we have textures you find on the web or make yourself, to apply these
use the Mode drop down box


i’ll be using these textures 2 demonstrate (b/c they’re my favorite)



different layer modes creates different looks. Paste the texture onto a new layer and use the mode box and opacity to enhance its look



the binary layer is not all that useful, so i left it out (basically turns everything black) You can also keep the layer mode normal and rely only on the opacity tool to get an interesting look too

there are probably other ways to use textures but this is  how i do it, if you find another way please share it with me lol

hope this helps!!!

1:17 pm


Anonymous: May I ask how you do you line your art so smooth? My lines are always a mess because my hand is too shaky

yeah!! of course, i love love love talking about my drawing ♥♥♥
thank u for the compliment btw eee

i know what u mean, my hands are super shaky all the time. honestly i just redraw the same line over and over until i like it. Using fast swipes when lining often stops the shaky look


and line thickness also helps, the thicker the line the straighter and smoother it’ll appear


you can also toggle around with your stabilizer (i don’t think there’s an equivalent in photoshop but you can find add ons that’ll do the same thing)  i keep mine at the default most of the time but the more you increase the stabilizer the smoother your lines


if ou have SUPPPPER shake hands i would recommend s-5 or s-6 because it will smooth out anything but the pen strokes get slower as you increase it

i hope this helps!!! if you have an more questions i’m more than happy to help ♥

April 14, 2014 10:20 pm April 13, 2014 1:57 pm


femalehenk: I am going to use your wallpapet the first one is awesome!! Thank you!

Go for it, honey!! I’m so happy you like it ♥

April 10, 2014 7:23 pm 7:19 pm
on the list of things i want 2 happen next chapterp.s. my headcanon is law hates to b manhandled by anyone

on the list of things i want 2 happen next chapter
p.s. my headcanon is law hates to b manhandled by anyone

7:12 pm

revolutionarygirlkoala said: that’s terrible those doodles are so cute too

haha thank u bb!! it's okay it's just kinda a weird phenomenon

7:05 pm

i’ve come to terms with ppl deleting my artist comments b/c they’re kinda annoying lol but i don’t understand why ppl delete the extra doodles i add in the comments section?? who does that benefit?

6:58 pm


Anonymous: Hello, your art One Piece is really beautiful !!!! I love so much your work. I'm a fan of Luffy and Law but I think that there is no Luffy and Law together, please draw Luffy with Law o ^ v^o Thank you ;)

imagethank you so so much, honey ♥!! that’s so very sweet of you to say!! I’m absolutely thrilled to hear u love my drawings, it really really makes me happy!! I’ll see if i can draw some Lawlu!

12:55 am April 9, 2014 11:09 pm


Anonymous: Do you have a deviantart?

Sorry, I did but i deleted it last summer. \(´□`; )/

You can still check my art tag, it goes back at least 2 years, but it might take a while to search through everything

10:01 pm April 7, 2014 12:02 am